Wednesday Central Run

These are road running efforts starting outside the entrance to University of Birmingham Sport and Fitness in Edgbaston. The sessions start at 7pm and usually finish between 8 and 8:15pm.

“A fantastic session run by one of the most enthusiastic runners/coaches you’ll meet. Very inclusive and caters for all abilities.” Nick, triathlete member

Who is the session aimed at?

All runners and triathletes. As a rough guide – runners should be able to run about 10km, 6 miles, at about 10 mins/mile pace or faster.

Is there a charge for the session?

There’s no separate charge, it’s covered by BRAT membership – and prospective members are really welcome to come along and try us out (for up to three club sessions).

What does the session usually involve?

An easy warm up of about 1.5 miles then about 35 mins of hard efforts.

When it’s dark, we usually remain on the University of Birmingham main campus for the session. In the summer months, we might run from the meeting point at the university to somewhere else nearby, like Selly Park, or the Vale.

What do I need to know if it’s my first time?

Arrive a few minutes before 7pm and give yourself time to find the sports centre entrance if you don’t know the area, as it’s a fairly large building.

Runners wait just inside or outside the main doors. Normally there’ll be some BRAT logos on clothing, so it’s easy to find us.

There’s a toilet inside, in the Costa.

Sport and Fitness is on the corner of Bristol Road (A38) and Edgbaston Park Road, B15 2TT.

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable and weather appropriate clothing for running and your BRAT ICE tag (or if you’re a prospective member, emergency contact information somewhere obvious on you). Some people bring an extra layer for the warm up, especially in the colder months, but bear in mind anything you don’t run with will usually be left unattended.

It’s best to hydrate well beforehand, so that you don’t need to carry a bottle.

Words from the session leader

photo of Robin

Session leader Robin is a veteran triathlete, cyclist and runner, who has been a BRAT since the early years of the century.

“I love the club and the wonderful diverse membership. It’s great watching people improve and compete in events that they would have never thought possible.” Robin, session leader.

What do you love about leading the session, Robin?

“Running with a great bunch of happy and enthusiastic folks. Running with friends really pushes you on and is so much more fun than running alone.”

What would you say to someone who is thinking about coming along for the first time?

“Don’t think about it, come along and have fun.”

“It’s great to run these hard efforts with other friendly people – it really improves your running. The sessions are tough but fun.”