Tuesday South Track Run

These are coached track runs at the Ryland Centre in Bromsgrove. They start at 7pm and last for an hour.

Who is the session aimed at?

All abilities.

Is there a charge for the session?

£3 for access to the track, payable to the Ryland Centre.

What does the session usually involve?

A conversational pace warm-up, drills, speed sets, cool down and stretch all feature.

The format for the session is usually posted in advance on the BRAT Bromsgrove and Redditch Facebook page.

What do I need to know if it’s my first time?

Arrive at 7pm. We meet trackside at the bottom of the steps from the Centre Building.

What do I need to bring?

Running shoes! These are winter sessions, so wear suitable clothing to suit prevailing conditions.

Words from the coach

Tuesday track coach Andrew is a long-time BRAT who regularly runs these sessions for the club.

Andrew was inspired to coach by Louise Barron who guided him through qualification. He’s keen to support anybody who wants to coach in turn.

Andrew has competed at most distances over more than twenty years, including at World and European levels.

He originally joined BRAT to swim in his local lake, and gradually became more involved with the club. He uses the sessions he creates for his own training, usually testing it out for us the day before!

What do you love about coaching the session, Andrew?

“The Track is lit, and provides a safe environment for mid-week winter run training, eliminating all the problems and safety issues of dark evening road running.”

What would you say to someone who is thinking about coming along for the first time?

“Turn-up, give it a go. Learn the benefits of Track Running. You may be pleasantly surprised.”