Sunday Central Swims Kit List

To get the best out of swim sessions you will need a few bits of kit for every session.  

Some of the drills that we do are easier to carry out while wearing fins and help to focus on the drill. 

Pull buoys are used in a lot of the sessions, so for Sundays, fins and a pull buoy are the first things to get.  

If you’re new to this kind of swim training and haven’t got them yet, you can still come along and join the session: it can be adapted, someone may have a spare, or you can miss drills out if necessary.

Kick Board: Larger ones are better

Pull Buoy:  Smooth edges are more hydrodynamic


Power paddles for strength work

Finis paddles are useful for technique work

Fins: Longer more flexible are better than shorter stubby types

Mesh Swim aid bag:  To keep it all tidy

These are all available from on-line retailers such as Amazon, Wiggle and Swim Shop.  If you have any questions just ask one of the Swim Coaches.