Saturday Morning Central Off-Road Run

These are off-road running repetitions starting at the mac in Edgbaston. The sessions start at 10am and last about an hour and a quarter, with the option of a coffee afterwards.

Who is the session aimed at?

Anyone who fancies some off-road run training – triathletes and runners. As a rough guide – runners should be able to run about 10km, 6 miles, at about 10 mins/mile pace or faster. Off road experience is not necessary.

Is there a charge for the session?

There’s no separate charge, it’s covered by BRAT membership. Prospective members are really welcome to come along and try up to three club sessions.

What does the session usually involve?

All off-road. An easy warm up of about 1.5 miles then about 35 mins of hard efforts (divided up into different lengths with recovery in between) normally including hills and often some mud!

What do I need to know if it’s my first time?

Arrive a few minutes before 10am to find the group and say ‘hello’. We’re just inside or outside the Cannon Hill mac rear entrance (onto Cannon Hill park). Normally there will be some BRAT logos on clothing, so it’s easy to find us.

There are toilets in the mac and you can also get drinking water there.

mac postcode is B12 9QH

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable and weather appropriate clothing for running and your BRAT ICE tag (or if you’re a prospective member, emergency contact information somewhere obvious on you). Some people bring an extra layer for the warm up, especially in the colder months, but these will usually be left unattended so don’t bring your best running jacket!

Off road trail shoes are recommended.

It’s best to hydrate before the session so that there is no need to carry a bottle.

“Love the Saturday morning BRAT runs – super, encouraging group and fantastic for my running. It’s such a good session… and I always feel great afterwards!” Sarah, runner + very occasional triathlete

Words from the session leader

photo of Robin

Saturday run leader Robin Biles counts himself among the original BRATs. As well as triathlon, he loves mountain and trail running and races quite regularly. He also enjoys the off-road duathlon combination of mountain biking and trail running, which is becoming more popular.

What do you love about leading the session, Robin?

“There’s always a great friendly & fun atmosphere and a great group of people. It sets you up for a fab weekend.”

What would you say to someone who is thinking about coming along for the first time?

“Off road running is a lot of fun and can be a good change from normal road running. It can lead to some adventurous events. Come along!.”

“Running off-road is so different to road running and feels like an adventure – I love that we run in different areas with some cool trails.”