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Carney’s Training Blog

Why is it that when you start a race at too fast a pace, you end up dying and inevitably fade and slow down. The note below (hopefully) explains what is going on and why this happens. Lactate Response Curve

Nigel’s Friday Challenge (10)

We have reached the big 10 and the Friday challenge steps up – well actually it runs up this week The Friday hill challenge Something a little different this Friday – you’re going outside either on the pavement or a grassy area. Find an area which has an incline. I’ll leave it up to you…
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Nigel’s Friday Challenge (9)

More form Nigel in the series of Friday Challenges. What would we do without them ! The Big One! Remind yourself of the video of Alexander’s routine – this week you need to do ALL 10 of his exercises. Here’s the routine: 1) Sit ups – 20 to do (you can just do the straight…
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Coach Carney’s Training Blog

In a strange year where it looks likely that there will be limited, if any, competition, what better time to engage with wisdom of our coaches? Here is a very interesting short blog from Coach Carney – well worth a read!

Nigel’s Friday Challenge (8)

So another week flies by and it’s time for another Friday workout Stand to Attention FridayThis Friday you are required to stand to attention – perfectly upright, shoulders back, head up…Bend your knees and lower yourself to the floor using your hands to ‘walk’ across the floor until you reach a press up position –…
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Nigel’s Friday Challenge (7)

It may be a Bank Holiday but that’s not reason enough to stop….So here’s the Bumper Bank Holiday edition from Nigel. Bank Holiday Friday Challenge In keeping with the military theme let’s do some Sergeant Jumps this Friday. Stand sideways on to a wall.Bend at the knees using your arm/hand nearest the wall to reach…
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Nigel’s Friday Challenge (6)

Alternate Squat Thrusts. Have a look at the video of Alexander doing alternate squats – the third exercise in the sequence. Three options this week; Option 1 – the easy option.Do 100, non-stop, squats. Stop, rest for one minute then do another 100 squats. Option 2 – the hard optionYou need to have a wooden…
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Nigel’s Friday Challenge (5)

So here we are again with the one you have all been waiting for. Modern language challenge This Friday is about languages.Look at the video of Alexander – the 6th exercise he does are full star jumps.You are going to do the same but each time you leap into the air you have to count…
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Nigel’s Friday Challenge (4)

Who needs Joe Wicks when we have our own Nigel Clegg. Read on for this week’s S&C challenge. It’s Friday so it must be Crunchies. I did mention last week to get practicing your crunches – well I hope you have been as this week it’s the non-stop 100 crunchie challenge. For those of you…
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Nigel’s Friday Challenge (3)

This week we have a special challenge from Nigel for Good Friday. In order to make room for all those Easter eggs you’ll need a special challenge this Friday – and here it is… The Good Friday 100 press up challenge! No, it’s not a mis-print, your challenge is to do 100 press ups. There…
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