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Nigel’s Friday Challenge (2)

It’s Friday again so here’s this week’s challenge – all set to music!! Select your favourite song/record (it must have at least two verses and a chorus, preferably three of each)Look at the video of Alex – you need the 3rd and 4th exercises in his video routine. The 3rd exercise shows him doing…
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Nigel’s Friday Challenge (1)

Welcome to the first in the series of Nigel’s Friday Challenge. ‘Double Maths’ Oh yes, it’s the dreaded double maths session on a Friday! Before attempting the exercises please make sure you have warmed up and stretched – you won’t be able to do them without warming up properly. Exercise 1Take a look at the…
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BRATs at Home Core Fitness

As we all adapt to the rapidly changing conditions there is still plenty you can do. Just because the world is in lockdown doesn’t mean that your body has to join it. Multi-event athlete Alex Clegg has filmed himself doing a handful of core exercises which you can try indoors in order to build-up, maintain…
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Friday Night Circuits are Back

Work on that S&C and build up your core strength and stability. Starting this Friday 4th October at St Thomas Aquinas school gymWychall Lane B38 8AP 7 to 8pm. £3.00 per session Any queries contact Nigel Clegg.