About BRAT

Our History

The BRAT Club was established in late 2000 by ten friends keen to explore the new sport of triathlon. The club, originally named Birmingham Running and Triathlon club, has now grown to over 400 members.

BRAT joined with Redditch Triathlon Club in 2009, and then merged with Rowheath Athletics Club in 2010 to create the new ‘Birmingham Running, Athletics, and Triathlon’ club which now offers opportunities for athletes across Birmingham who are keen to improve their fitness and performance in a range of sports in a fun, friendly and inclusive environment.

What We Do!

Members train and compete in all distances of triathlon from sprint to iron-distance, as well as duathlons, aquathlons, obstacle course racing (OCR) and swimrun events. Our athletes participate in track and field, cross country running and road relays. BRATs run everything from 100 metres to ultra distance marathons, swim indoors and out, cycle on roads, on trails, and in cyclocross races. 

Whatever your fitness level or chosen discipline, you will find like minded people, keen to train with you in your sport, and maybe introduce you to some some new ones too!

Have a look at our training, racing, and news to find out more.

The Executive Committee


Exec Member


Email Address

Chair Person

Chris Davy

Provide leadership and ensure the effective operation of the executive committee. Set a clear vision and ethos for the club to work towards.


Mark Hirsch

Keeper of the cash. Mark sits in a gold plated room, chuckling to himself as he counts up pieces of gold and silver from the recent haul at Bittel. He also manages all of the club finances, including providing reports at each executive meeting and yearly at the AGM.


Mike Purnell

The central point for administration, information and formal communication processes that keep the Club running.


Welfare Officer

Rachel Hill

Ensure the club is a safe and secure environment for athletes, coaches, leaders and volunteers alike. This includes as specific focus on Child Protection and Safeguarding at all sessions.



Kevin Oakes

Coordinate the training and development of both the club and the club coaches to ensure safe and effective sessions are delivered for all members.




Seek opportunities to develop the offering of the club to its members through sessions and events.


Marketing & Promotions


Improve awareness of the Club and its offering to its members, and in both locally and nationally. Celebrate successes of club athletes.


Social & Events


Build the Club community by promoting the more sociable aspects of the club.


North rep and triathlon events

Duncan Hough

Looks after BRAT Birmingham and BRAT Lichfield Triathlon



Nathan Smith

Improve the quality and organisation of triathlon training and racing offered by the Club.



Richard Carney

Lead the delivery of our Adult athletics section in both training and racing.



Lucette Gargette

Lead the delivery of our juniors section.



Martin Ludford

Lead the delivery and coordination of race events including Cross Country, Road Relays and other race opportunities.


Annual General Meetings

BRAT AGMs are held in April or May each year.

Our coaches and volunteers are essential to the running of BRAT. Coaches within the club are accredited by either British Triathlon Federation (BTF) or England Athletics (EA). We also have a number of volunteers recognised as Leaders in Run Fitness (LiRF) and many more people who help out at races and events.

We want to continue developing volunteers who are willing to support the membership, so financial support is available for suitable training and development.