BRAT Training Sessions 2017 – Running: Central venues


 Prospective members are very welcome to join us for any of these training sessions - just turn up



Group Run: paced runs of 8 – 9 miles  

Group A - 7:30 minutes per mile
Group B - 8:00 minutes per mile
Group C - 9:30 minutes per mile 

Meet at Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) for a 19.00 start

Monday Bank Holidays – usually 10.00 run (instead of 19.00) - still start at MAC

More details of this month's BRAT Monday evening run routes at the bottom of this page



Interval sessions: 30 min intervals plus warm-up and cool-down on closed roads around Birmingham University campus. Meet outside the Guild of Students  at 19.00


Interval sessions: Birmingham University ring road in winter and Metchley Lane sports ground in summer - for details email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Off-road intervals: between 30-45 minutes, around Cannon Hill park and Holders Lane playing fields. Meet at rear of Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) at 10.00



Sunday September 17th - Waseley Wobbler -  

8 country miles off-road race, up and down the scenic Waseley Hills near Rubery
Great selection of home-made cakes to replenish those glycogen reserves
Very popular with BRATS 

Sunday 26th November - Suicide Six - 
Six miles of streams, sticky mud and hills around Baggeridge Country Park, Sedgely
Followed by a BRAT pie-fest at Mad O'Rourke's Pie Factory

5K Park run -
Every Saturday morning in Cannon Hill
Starts at 09:00 from the bandstand

Why not warm-up with the Park Run then join in with the BRAT 10:00 session? 


  Monday Evening Running Routes - autumn 2017

19.00 start from mac bridge

      NOTE: we occasionally reverse the direction shown on the map

        BASIC SAFETY -  please follow these basic safety rules...

   1. These are paced runs so please allow the group leader to set the pace - it's a group run not a race

         2. Please be aware of personal safety - don't 'jump' traffic lights and keep to the pavement
         3. Alert the group leader if you see anyone drop off the back - make sure they are OK
        4. Listen for instructions regarding obstructions - pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles etc. 

  Date      Route Miles (km) URL

Autumn run-routes start 18th September

04 Sept Moseley Bog and Tritiford pool run 8.7

11 Sept 'Magic' - all downhill (apart from hills)
canal loop

18 Sept

 Lightwood’s Park Run
(avoiding Lightwood's Park)


25 Sept  Cocks Moors Woods Run 8.6 

02 Oct

Harborne – Chad Valley Run  


09 Oct  Torchlight run along the Rea cycle-path
 bring head or handtorches 

16 Oct  City Centre Run   8.0

23 Oct  Cotteridge and Bournville Run 8.7 
30 Oct Swanshurst – Robin Hood Run 8.1

 Saturday Morning Interval Sessions

                    Meet 10:00 am, back of the MAC for a short warm-up session followed by 35-40 minute intervals
around the woodland paths of Cannon Hill Park and Holders Lane playing fields (occasionally Highbury Park)

                      NOTE: all Saturday sessions are off-road.

 Road shoes are usually OK for summer off-road sessions - trail shoes are recommended for winter or when it's wet and muddy