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We welcome athletes of all standards to train and compete. No matter your level right now, the only things that are needed to train with BRAT are the right attitude and a desire to be your best.   If you want to find out more about us, do talk to us on Facebook – that’s probably the most active place right now. Sessions are listed below, but if it is your first time drop us a note so we can give more information and signposting Monday night run routes are here.

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  •   Congratulations! You have reached the last one of these articles… and hopefully completed your marathon too. 🙂 So, how did it go? Remember that in the hours and days immediately afterwards, emotions are high. You may be riding the crest of a wave, or are in the pits of despair.  Post Race Reflections Once

  • The marathon is edging ever closer. We hope you are getting your training in and are healthy and well. So far, you’ve met Kevin and Nathan. But there are a few other runners from the club tackling the marathon this spring. Today you’ll meet Sophie Ward. Tell us about yourself: I’m Sophie Ward, 25 years

  • Welcome again to Marathon Mondays! We are going to focus on the third part of the performance triangle – Rest and Recovery. Find out why rest and recovery are as vital to training as the actual running itself. ‘Rest’ is often perceived as a dirty word amongst runners, with many fearing that they will lose

  • This area of the website will be a feed of news about training sessions. For example we have a couple of Club athletes working up to the London Marathon who are generously sharing their experiences.