On 06 September 2013 In Social News
The social committee have organised an exclusive BRAT wine tasting evening at Connellys wine merchant, Livery Street, Birmingham at 7.00pm on Friday 27 September.
The cost will be £10 each payable on arrival - Please add your name to the string on the members forum if you are intending on coming.  Places are limited so please confirm asap.

Hidden Gems Wine Tasting...

Wine has been made throughout all of Europe for thousands of years yet just a few select regions have tended to enjoy the limelight. A handful of areas such as Bordeaux in France, or Rioja in Spain, are known throughout the world whilst their neighbours languish in obscurity. While there is no denying that such well known names produce some of the world’s finest wines, that quality invariably comes at an eye-watering price. And it is fair to say that many of these places rose to prominence more for reasons of geography, politics or fashion than due to any inherent superiority in their wine making potential.

But things are changing and there has never been a better time to explore these lesser known delights. Often these wines are made from local grape varieties that have not yet made their way on to the international stage and offer a refreshing change to the handful of predominantly French grape varieties that have gone on to colonise the world.

We will be tasting our way from Portugal, across Europe, to Romania looking at wines and grape varieties that stray off the beaten track. As these wines don’t yet enjoy the prestige of their better known neighbours they offer excellent value for money. Many of the wines we will enjoying will be at a very pocket friendly sub-£10 a bottle, with just a few more expensive bottles thrown in to show just how stunning these hidden gems can be.

On 22 August 2013 In Marriages and Babies

Little Finlay Joe Biles was born on Monday 19th August, 11:37pm, 8lbs 3oz and 56cm tall. Baby, Mum and Dad are all happy, healthy and ... a little sleep deprived! Meg (predictably) turned the birth into an endurance event...but after nearly 4 days in the hospital - finished impressively.

Love and CHEERS to all BRATs, see you soon,

Meg, Robin and Finlay Biles


On 29 July 2013 In Marriages and Babies

We are pleased to report the birth of Lucas Aris Tsolakis.  Son and heir apparent of our legendary Greek warrior Thanos.

He was born on 28 July weighing in at a lean 6lb 9oz. Mother and child are both doing well.

Thanos reports: "He is kicking his legs a lot (maybe a good cyclist ?), has my colours and looks like a proper runner.  I will assess his running technique soon after a return to the hospital today.  He has a good sized hand so there is also hope about swimming!"

Congratulations to both Lousie and Thanos from all of the club.  We look forward to seeing little Lucas in an aero helmet riding a tag along bike behind his daddy at future club training rides!

On 09 June 2013 In Marriages and Babies

A big welcome to new baby BRAT Ilias James Cleaver born on 1st May 2013, weighing 7lb 7oz. Congratulations to Martin Cleaver and Jacqui Parker on their beautiful boy, a future cross country champion for sure!