On 15 February 2014 In Marriages and Babies

Many congratulations to Linz Moody (nee Smith) and Will on the birth of Tom and Alice on Valentine's Day 14 February 2014.  Ultimate club dedication Linz - now with Bill (aka Will), Rosie, Alice and Tom you have your very own BRAT team...

On 10 January 2014 In Social News

It has been reported that there is truth in the rumour that members of the BRAT club were cited in mountains close to La Tania, France at the beginning of January 2014. Further investigation has uncovered that it was in fact members of BRAT™ (Birmingham’s Rowdy Alpine Team) who were misbehaving in the snow over the New Year period.

Original suspicions that these were BRAT club members were fueled by the near constant representation of BRAT club clothing by one or more members of this gaggle at all hours of day and night. However, the groups’ over-consumption of sugary kids cereal (“Miely Pops”), beers and crepes (in the place of porridge, Hi5 and cereal bars) soon put paid to this rumour.

Other behaviors typical of BRAT club member trips were however noted. These included recklessly travelling downhill at speed, early morning yoga posing, eating vast amounts of food, returning to the UK with collectively more bruises than people, and excessive consumption of Jäger.

The oddity of this collective of kamikaze snow sliders is further revealed in the attached picture and their unique taste in knitwear.  Further investigation into the shenanigans of BRAT™ (Birmingham’s Rowdy Alpine Team) will be on-going….

On 05 January 2014 In Social News

Dear BRAT Club, is there any truth to the rumour that the club is about to branch out into alpine multisport events?  Clandestine paparazzi photographers have caught this group of BRATs in a secret training camp at an unknown alpine destination - clearly in training mode.  Training apparently involved a number of disciplines, including free fall, snow bank ascending, hydration and how not to do it, health and safety and alpine language skills.  More information is being sought by our deep cover secret agents, so keep an eye on this website for further information. 

On 02 January 2014 In Social News

Happy New Year BRATs!  2014 will be a big year for the club: Beginners and novices are very welcome as always - please come along and try out a few sessions before you join the big happy BRAT family if you like.  We will be looking to maintain our fantastic volunteering spirit and also our new position in Division 1 for T&F and XC.  We have National titles to defend in triathlon, and still more to win, with a lot of fun to be had along the way.  The new BRAT membership year begins on 1st April 2014, but we will be opening up 2014 membership subscriptions from the beginning of February.  All membership subscription fees will be unchanged for 2014 (see "Join Us") for details.  An additional benefit for 2014 - we will be distributing a new BRAT Club Training technical t-shirt to every new and renewing member.  Please remember that every current BRAT Club member, including lifetime members and sponsored athletes, will need to register again and provide updated details before the end of April 2014.