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We are short of volunteers in some key areas at this years T&F meets.  Some of these volunteers tasks are quite easy, but none the less vital for the smooth operation of the meetings.  Please can you consider helping us out by getting in touch with Gordon Ainsley (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and volunteering?

Roles that need filling are :-

Registration :-   All meetings  (2  people)
Seeding:-             2 people for all meetings
Results collection and posting on notice boards:- All meetings ( 1 person, suitable for a youngster)
Marksman assistant        May 29th and June 26th
Timekeepers                     May 29th, June 12th   novices welcome
Track Judging                     May 8th, May 29th and June 12th        Novices welcome
Issue officials refreshments        June 26th
Refreshments: Addition Help Needed please

At our home league meeting on Sunday June 9th we are duty bound to provide a full packed lunch for all officials and volunteers. Roger McFadden will be manning the refreshment tent and will be providing crisps /fruit/nutrition bars/drinks but we require one or more volunteers to make sufficient filled rolls please. There will be around 55 lunch packs required.

We would also like to sell refreshments to the general public at this meeting and would welcome 2/3 people to support Roger in the tent and others to make cakes for resale. The club will of course reimburse helpers with out of pocket expenditure.

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