On 28 April 2014 In Volunteer News

AGM 2014 and new BRAT Executive Committee members

Dear BRAT members, thank you for such an excellent turnout at the AGM last night - yet another BRAT record for 2014!  The BRAT Club is in a strong financial position and a fresh team of enthusiastic volunteers have been elected to serve on the Executive Committee for a 2 year (renewable) term.  Your executive committee is now Mark Hirsch, Duncan Hough, Richard Carney, Pat Cox, Martin Ludford, Charly Bamford, Ed Banks, Adrian Carter, Joel Griffin, Russ Hall, Simon White, Chris Gollings and Tauny Southwood.  Chris Ashford is the new men's triathlon captain to work with Daisy Wilson the women's triathlon captain.  Harry Fowler will be taking over the Kit Subcommittee to work with Stacey Bamford, Steve Washbourne and Mark Hirsch.  Hazel Padmore was elected to work with El Quested, Ed Banks and Eloise Lee on the BRAT News team.  All other club officers will continue in their present positions for 2014-15.  Thank you for all your support and here's to even more sucessful years in the future.

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