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Who will be a Midnight Man or Woman?

Would you like to do an Ironman (or half IM) distance triathlon event LIKE NO OTHER in 2014?  

To support the charity "Kids Like Us", Bridge Events are offering 10 places in the ONLY night time long distance triathlon event in the world!  The race takes place in Dartford, so no need for overnight accommodation!  It starts at 6pm on 16th August and the cut off is 11 am on 17th August.  Check out the website: http://www.bridgetriathlon.co.uk/2013/08/09/midnight-man-2014 (you can do a full IM, a half IM or a quarter IM).

The tickets normal retail for £160 each, but 10 have been donated to the club for AUCTION to raise money for the Kids Like Us Charity to raise money for Children with Arthritis.  The auction will work like this:  each ticket has a reserve of £25.  You can submit a closed bid of any amount above £25 to try to win an entry - just write your name, contact details and the amount of your bid on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope and give it to Tauny Southwood at a club session up to 27th April or at the AGM on 27th April.  The 10 highest bids will each win an entry ticket - the winners will be drawn at the AGM.  This will probably be the most cost effective long distance triathlon you will ever have the opportunity to do - AND you won't have to worry about suntan cream!

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