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Burnham burns in the North

I’ve had a really enoyable good summer reforming myself from runner to triathlete, and my first season has gone very well concluding in the European Qualifier in Newbiggin, Northumberland on September 1stThe beach start 750m swim took us out to the statue called the Couple (known locally as ‘Ebb and Flo) on the breakwater 260m out in the bay, before two left turns and back to the beach.  Head for the big red doors of the life boat house was the advice given, except somebody had opened them!    The sea was very cold but reasonably calm, and if could have seen through my fogged up goggles I am sure it would have looked scenic. 15minutes later onto the 3 lap 25k bike leg.

 The wind decided to complete the course clockwise while the riders went round the course anti-clockwise.  As well as being a constant and inconvenient headwind, the wind was also very playful,  in a cheeky kind of way, and regularly decided to rush out of a side road as you were passing and blow you to the other side of the road.  Ha bloody ha.  After 42 minutes on the bike and an incredibly  slow transition of 2 minutes (I must stop checking my emails in transition!) took us out onto what I thought was a flat 2 lap, 5.4k run back and forth along the sea front.  Without my glasses on I hadn’t noticed the naughty little hill at the end of the promenade, but soon found out about it!  A disappointing 24.43 for the run, but a reasonable (given that wind) 1hr 26mins and 3rd position in the age group and qualification for Kitzbuhel next June.  (After looking at the course profile I wonder what I have let myself in for up those mountains in Austria.  At least the water course is flat.)

Thanks to all those BRAT colleagues for their support and advice (I still did it anyway!), physio Pete Hatton, and sports masseur Gareth Norris for keeping me going.

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