On 07 July 2014 In Triathlon News

An Eventful Day in the Forest Of Dean

Four BRATs ventured down to the Forest of Dean triathlon last Sunday (29th June) and had some interesting experiences. All squeezed into Damo’s van they were flying down the M5 when Anne Kenchington realised she had forgotten her wet-suit. No worries – Damo “top-coach” offered his wetsuit. Perfect wave timing and synchronisation resulted in a smooth wetsuit swap and both performed excellently. Damo recorded another win and Anne narrowly missed out coming second in her first open category race. Even the poor fitting wet suit did not prevent her coming first out of the water but Damo’s bike might help next time to nail a win!

Marc Niebel returned a great performance coming home 7th and was instrumental in calming the team down afterwards as George Mascaro went off-course on the bike and ended up halfway home to Birmingham! Quite an eventful day for all – they all returned in one piece and Damo with slightly less hair(!)

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