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A few words on 1st league race at Leamington on 8th November:

A record 21 BRAT ladies lined up on a very muddy Newbold Comyn. Heavy rain stopped kindly just before the start. There was a ladies league record of 369 taking part. The BRAT ladies finished a stunning 5th out of 40 teams,our best result for a long time.
Helena,Jen D and Melissa scored for the team. BRAT masters finished in 15th place with Sarah H, Kerry C and Sarah M scoring the points.
Thanks to all who ran: Jen C, Megan, Eloise, Annie, Eleanor, Nicola, Danni, Claire C, Rosie, Beth, Jo, Claire J, Rachel B, Catherine and Lizi. Thanks to you all for running. The next race is December 6th at Northampton; see you there!
Geoff Mann
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The BRAT men’s team got their league campaign underway with the traditional joint opening fixture at Leamington, complete as usual with mud, the hill and the dreaded ditch. The men’s race incorporated all three Divisions of the Birmingham League (a total of 736 finishers) and followed the Midland Women’s League race earlier in the afternoon. Consequently the ground was heavily churned up giving the runners a real test over the 3 lap course – six miles of strength sapping slog.

The team was weakened by the absence of several of our usual A team scorers and so the door was open for a number of new (and old) boys to try to make a name for themselves. It was encouraging to see 24 BRATs turn out on such a foul day especially as several of them were new members making their debuts.

The whole team responded superbly and we finished the day in 12th place out of the 16 teams (provisional results). This may not sound great but in this sort of company there are no easy races and to have four teams below us is a relief. We are also a good way clear of the three relegation places. With the return of a few of the missing runners for the next race we will have good prospects of climbing the table.

The A team scorers on the day were Dan Robinson 61, Martin Matthews 63,  Mark Ince 72, Nick Lewis 111, Eliot Ward 121, and Ian Lahart 145 giving a total of 573.

The B team scorers were Andy Kenchington 146, Peter Blackwell 149, Paul Clarke 150, Richard (Raggy) Gray 152, Huw Jones 168, and Pete Matthews 181 for a total of 946 (9th B Team on the day).

Good back up also came from Michael Fahy 185, Steve Titmarsh 189, Toby Close 190, Martin Ludford 191, Jonathan Winkler 195,  Jort van Mourik 196,  Iain Squires 206, Paul Dugmore 257, Tom Keenan 265, David Sansom 274, Chris Davy 281 and Charlie Hanson 284.

Thanks and well done to all who turned out to run or to support, also to Richard Carney who was officiating on the finish funnel. Chris Ashford was also there with his camera so hopefully there will be some of his photos around soon.

Full results with times can be found on www.birminghamccleague.co.uk. Eloise's photos are here.

The next race is at Northampton on 6th December

Martin Ludford

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Last Sunday there was a strong showing of BRATs at the Conductive Education 10k

in Cannon Hill Park.

This lovely small local race has a very warm atmosphere, a relatively fast

course and an excellent selection of cakes afterwards (do bring change for

donations!), all for the benefit of a worthy cause. It is mostly run in the

beautiful settings of Cannon Hill park, with a small excursion around the Nature

Center. Although the course is mainly straight and flat, there are a few pesky

180 degree turns and tight corners...


BRATs took the lion's share of male prizes:

 - 1st MSEN : Mark Ince (1st overall in 34.05).

- 1st Male team: Mark Ince, Ed Barlow (4th in 36.11) and Nathan Warren (5th in 36.57)

- 1st MV40 : Peter Blackwell (9th in 37.34)

- 1st MV45 : Jort van Mourik (14th in 38.46)

 and also

 - 2nd WSEN : Alex Mould (25th in 40.41)

 Other BRAT finishers were Iain Squires (24th in 40.37), Mike Buckle (28th in

41.28), Stephen Thompson (32nd in 42.21), Phillip Rankin (38th in 42.56) and

Alison Huggan (146th in 60.08).

Full results can be found here.


 Well done to all runners and supporters!

 Jort van Mourik

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The Cross country season is about to start in earnest. Both the men's and the women's teams have League races at Leamington on Saturday 8th November. The women's race starts at 1.30, the men's race at 2.30.

If you plan to run and you haven't already done so, you need to make contact with team managers Martin Ludford or Geoff Mann (see forum for further details).

The "beer and crisps committee" (Raggy Gray and Chris Ashford) are also arranging a short (?) post race drinks session at the Newbold Comyn Arms once the races have finished. This is conveniently situated on the way back to the car park by the Golf Course. All welcome.

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Hello to you all, a few brief words on the first cross country of the season. This was the midland cross country relays held at Walsall Arboretum. Three athletes per team each running 6km .BRAT A team, consisting of Beccy Tipping, Annie Kenchington and Helena Eastham brought the team home in 5th place. BRAT B team made up of Melissa Brown, Claire Jackson and Daisy Wilson finished in 15th place; there were 32 clubs finishing teams. Well done to you all.
The next race is the first league race at Leamington on Saturday 8th November. Looking forward to seeing you there.
Geoff Mann
Geoff's photos from the day can be found here.
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Hello BRAT mates,

Last Saturday (04-Oct-2014) we raced in The National 12 stage Road Relay in Sutton. A solid and determined performance from all, everyone finishing within 76 seconds, of each other, which would probably have been under a minute gap but for the dreaded lurgy.

BRATs finished 39th A team. This was a little down on recent Sutton finishes, but we were without our two quickest which could take a chunk off.

We once again were the quickest in Birmingham and 4th in West Midlands, beating Birchfield and Coventry. Very disappointing Midland team performances saw only Notts in the top ten, and for the West Midlands Tipton were in a lowly 20th, although Bud Boldero's charity event would have drawn some of their team. The top ten was dominated by South Eastern clubs and honours went to Aldershot with their very strong young squad, always in the top 4 and keeping 1st for the last three legs.

Now then. BRATs were lead of by Ed(street fighting man)Banks, who recovering from a sickly week was in no mood to negotiate road priority. Ed being known for his aggressive nature, overcame poorliness and other competitors to post another sub 19 time and being rewarded with a referee's warning for attempted gbh. Sour grapes I think because he beat Mr. protest. Handing onto Dan(I'm sorry for The Midland boss..[I should think so..]) Robinson wasted no time in taking team glory for the quickest leg. Well done Dan. Following leg was under scrutiny for having not run The Midland and Tim(I have a busy social life) Carter was disappointed with his performance but justified selection. Mr consistent Chris(does anyone know any races on far flung continents ?) Ashford did just that, racing well within 4 seconds of his Midland time. Old man Martin( I'm ever so poorly but brave) Matthews coughed and spluttered his way to a respectable time, justifying his manager's faith. Finally sporting his GI Joe haircut Mark(glory or bust) Ince ran 1 second quicker than at The Midland, which is OK in my books, closing down but failing to overhaul Wolves last man.

Didn't rain, didn't get disqualified, decent performance, good day.

Thanks everyone, including reserves Nathan and Eliot and all who raced The Midland.

Looking forward to seeing a whole load of you on the country at Leamington 8 Nov.

Richard Gray

Results: www.race-results.co.uk

Photos: http://www.racephotos.org.uk/


Distance: 5.85K

46 Birmingham Running A & T 1:56:48

Edward Banks (53) 18:59

Daniel Robinson (46) 18:55

Tim Carter (53) 19:46

C Ashford (48) 19:38

Martin Matthews (49) 20:11

Mark Ince (46) 19:19

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Hello BRAT mates. 

Last Saturday we raced The Midland 6 stage Road Relay Champs at Sutton, entering three teams. Originally we had hoped to qualify two teams, required to finish in the top 25 A teams, but as usual failing bodies depleted the squad to render that unobtainable. Nevertheless despite being without three team regulars the A team was strong. Ed Banks, fresh from his sub 32 10K led us off, racing BRAT A into the top 10 and a great time. Martin Matthews returning closer to form ran well but dropped three places on the always very competitive 2nd leg. He handed on to Dan Robinson who looked good and brought us back where we belong in the 10, although Dan was more than disappointed with his run and has vowed to be much quicker at The National. No pressure then Dan. Welcome to new old boy Jon Jennings, fitting into the team last minute with a great enthusiasm and producing a respectable time, although we had dropped to 14th and had work cut out to climb back in the 10. Chris Ashford maintained the Tri-boys' exotic racing calendar reputation; he was Jet-lagged after very successful racing in Canada and a Friday return flight. He was potentially going to fall asleep somewhere out on the course, but stamina and determination produced a very solid time and put us back to 11.  Mark Ince as usual was given the glory or bust leg just in case there was a 400m sprint required, and managed to snatch another place but we just missed out on top 10.

Although our aim is to be in the top ten, we once again are Birmingham’s number one, Mark overtaking Birchfield on the last leg.

BRAT B & C had lots of late changes but we completed both teams, being one of seven who completed three teams.

Nathan Warren led off BRAT B, but had to be somewhere else straight after which resulted in a great time and justified an A team place. Young Eliot showed his potential with a quick time which has set him a target for the XC season. Chris Grimley and family, although he did not run with a push chair on this occasion, ran a solid time considering marathon mileage. Kevin McMillan having driven from Malvern, started with his heart at about 120bpm as he ran straight from the car to the start line, just beating Chris by a couple of seconds. Former elder Statesman Martin Ludford only dropped one place and was happy with his performance. Unfortunately starting back from layoff I dropped a further two places to finish 40th.

Francios-Xavier led off the C team, struggling to comprehend a race could be this short. Alistair Gorrie took over, gaining 8 places with a great time. On third leg returning from new found cycling pastures to his first race in a long…….time, it was great to welcome back new Elder Statesman Harry “H” Fowler who gained two more places. Rob Ryan coming back from serious illness did a great job and maintained the same position. Ben Beaumont stepping in almost last minute to a gain three places and justify a B team place. Finally thanks to Paul Robertshaw definitely stepping in last minute to complete the C team with what can be a lonely last leg.

Thanks everyone for racing well and thanks to all supporters. Follow the links for results, photos and video.

The National Road Relay Champs are next Saturday and I will send out the team mail tomorrow (Sunday 29th).

Richard Gray

1  Bristol And West Ac   St. 1882 'A'  1:49:48

        William Christof (3) 18:11
        Benedict Westhenry (2) 18:30
        Owain Jones      (1) 17:53
        Matthew Whitfield (2) 18:28
        Oliver Mott      (1) 18:30
        Stephen Mitchell (1) 18:16

11  Birmingham Running Athletics & 'A'  1:57:49

        Edward Banks     (10) 18:35
        Martin Matthews  (13) 19:38
        Daniel Robinson  (10) 19:18
        Jonathan Jennings (14) 21:18
        Chris Ashford        (12) 19:41
        Mark Ince        (11) 19:19

40  Birmingham Running Athletics & 'B'  2:10:10

        Nathan Warren    (45) 20:34
        Eliot Ward       (38) 21:05
        Chris Grimley    (39) 21:17
        Kevin McMillan   (37) 21:15
        Martin Ludford   (38) 23:13
        Richard Gray     (40) 22:46

71  Birmingham Running Athletics & 'C'  2:27:51

        Francois-Xavier Li (83) 24:11
        Alistair Gorrie    (75) 23:08
        Harry Fowler       (73) 26:04
        Rob Ryan           (73) 25:38
        Ben Beaumont       (70) 22:56
        Paul Robertshaw    (71) 25:54

        1  Ryan McLeod        Tipton Har A   17:21    

        2  Toby Spencer       Coventry G A   17:40   

        3  Owain Jones        Bristol&W  A   17:53       

        4  Phil Nicholls      Wolverhamp A   18:00     

        =  Alastair Watson    Notts Ac   A   18:00   

        6  Jacob Allen        Rugby & No A   18:07   

        7  Richard Kay        Tipton Har A   18:11   

        =  William Christofi  Bristol&W  A   18:11   

        9  Stuart Spencer     Notts Ac   A   18:12  

       10  Martin Williams    Wolverhamp A   18:13    

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Sunday 21 September saw another splendid BRAT turnout and performance for the Waseley Wobbler. The annual rampage across Waseley and Lickey saw BRATS packing well and claim both male and female team competitions. The women in fact claimed five of the top six places!  A performance that bodes well for the forthcoming cross country season. Yaz Chaudhri rounded off back to back weekend racing and won the ladies race closely followed by Anne Kenchington and Eloise Lee. Robin Biles, setting off at a furious pace, led the way home claiming second place overall and leading the BRAT team to a satisfying win over Bromsgrove and Redditch. All in all lots of sun, fun and trophies with smiling BRAT faces. Special mention to Hirschy for valiantly accompanying his daughter around the course despite a nasty tangle with barbed wire – hope all is recovering well!
Full results can be found here.