On 22 April 2013 In Running News

Sunday saw the usual high turn out of BRAT members at the London Marathon, with 20 members tackling the 26 mile course round the capital.

In cool but sunny conditions, Martin Matthews confirmed his status as the club's top marathon runner, crossing the line in 2:35 for 80th. He was followed by Dan Robinson who set an impressive PB of 2:38. Kevin McMillan, Nick Lewis, Ross Riley and Jamie Gooch joined Dan and Martin with sub-3 clockings.

Other notable performances included PBs for Eloise Lee and Yasmin Chaudhri, who ran 3:11 and 3:13 respectively. Both placed in the top 200 in the women's race. Roger McFadden was 41st in the V60 category, running an extremely impressive 3:30.

Congratulations to all athletes who took part!

BRAT results can be found in the Results section of the BRAT site or by searching the  Virgin London Marathon website.

On 17 April 2013 In Running News

Hello old team mates.  Here we go again……Read no further if you are under 35 on 18 May, unless you are into cardigans with food stains and slippers. (I prefer a rustic brown cardi myself.)  Enough banter.  TEAM ENTRIES HAVE TO BE IN BY 20 APRIL and I need to decide which age groups we enter teams. I just need a YES or PROBABLE at this stage. You do not have to commit, just give me an idea so I can decide on the number of teams and age groups.  Sutton Park, Saturday 18 May,pm.  (No direct busses for those with passes, but plenty of blue badge parking. Park help available for qualifying persons.)  All 3 mile legs.  After our brilliant performances last year, lets have another go.  Stats to follow when I get a response. Yours, last man standing.  See forum for contact details - Richard Gray.

On 13 April 2013 In Running News

Hello team mates, supporters and BRATS,

Mr. Element (cold, wind, rain – well, a little bit) did not distract us from our pleasure and duty.   At the end of the day, we had a great result for BRAT Club and the racers.

Facts of The National to be celebrated 

1) Highest place since Rowheath Harriers 28th in 1991.

2) Fastest club short leg in our history. 5th fastest on the day.  Well done Jack Gray

3) Fastest club long leg since 1995   Well done Paul Thompson.

4) 4th in West Midlands.   Well done us

5) Beat my predicted team target time… What?! (I must be getting soft – must watch “Bridge over the River Kwai” again and toughen up)

Results and previous three years below.  Traditionally we have always targeted the Midland as the priority ahead of The National, but this year with circumstance we upped our game. BRATs finished 9th Midland team, 4th in West Midlands behind Tipton, Coventry, and Birchfield (just). That is really good, the only disappointment being Cheltenham and Stoke ahead from the Midlands. Just like the XC league. They are our targets for next year.

We always put our two fastest legs at the front in order to stay in touch. Forget that, this time we were amongst the front-runners, coming in 10th after leg 2.

Paul Thompson ran a solid first difficult leg in 27.32, our quickest National long leg since 1995. He handed onto Jack who stormed through the field with urgency into 10th, but without flashing indicators or police escort was baulked by slower traffic. (Fastest short leg in our history and 5th o/a on the day. Not bad I suppose; NB: must try harder.)  Ed confidently took over, under pressure from so-called "fast boys”, his swerving and holding arms out perpendicularly managed to hinder their progress (poor coaching advice as he ran an extra 1k due to swerving). Chris Grimley ran a brilliant leg, demonstrating his massive progress this year. Dan Robinson, still recovering from injury, delivered what was expected and should be happy on his way back to form. Our drop from 10th to 33rd was expected, and to stay in the top 40 was our aim. Old bloke was next, running well to a respectable time and slowing our fall to one place. Mr. Reliable as ever, Martin Matthews, reversed our trend gaining one place. He handed over to Ben Clarson (sounds like a Finnish rally driver name to me) who reversed his poor recent form and affirmed his ability, with or without handbrake turns (very poor....ed). Sniffing but not coughing Robin Biles was pushed late on into a long leg, and without a moan but maybe a whimper did what was written on the tin (Not that Robin looks like a tin….?).  New boy to road relays, Kevin McMillan, did not disappoint in his first taste of Sutton 12 stage. A perfect example of how to be selected, by hanging about at the bottom of the hill in order to post a time 1s behind me. (Good move Kevin, come again.) Tim Carter ran the last long leg, really fired up after a week of warm weather training / socialising, but suffering from jet / holiday lag (delete as appropriate). David McNeil just made it back up from London straight onto the stage, running a very good time and closing down Birchfield every step, but finishing 13 seconds short (Yes, Birchfield A team!)

Thank you to Thanos who was reserve on the day, and also to everyone who made themselves available. Thanks for the support everyone. Thanks to Gordon Ainsley and me for stats’, although Gordon is rather quicker at delivering. Results at www.race-results.co.uk

See you at the track league?  If not September 21st for the Midland 6 stage Road Relays at Sutton.

Richard Gray.

        Matthew Graham   (22) 27:14

        Andrew Connick   (11) 14:53

        Daniel Mulhare   (3) 26:44

        Matt Taylor      (6) 16:03

        Paskar Owor      (4) 27:16

        Richard Ward     (6) 16:06

        Lozano Alberto   (4) 25:39

        Kristopher Gauso (1) 14:20

        Philip Wicks     (1) 26:29

        William Cockerel (2) 15:53

        James Kelly      (1) 26:51

        Neil Speaight    (1) 15:26

        Paul Thompson    (26) 27:32

        Jack Gray        (10) 14:28

        Edward Banks     (22) 29:10

        Chris Grimley    (28) 16:42

        Daniel Robinson  (33) 30:01

        Richard Gray     (34) 17:12

        Martin Matthews  (33) 29:23

        Ben Clarson      (33) 16:51

        Robin Biles      (36) 31:43

        Kevin McMillan   (36) 17:13

        Tim Carter       (36) 31:04

        David McNeil     (37) 17:25

        Jonathan Tune    (54) 29:54

        Paul Thompson    (43) 14:52

        C Ashford        (39) 28:58

        Peter Blackwell  (45) 17:48

        Richard White    (47) 31:21

        Nick Lewis       (47) 16:55

        Ben Clarson      (47) 31:33

        Abayomi Adedimej (47) 17:49

        Daniel Robinson  (46) 30:24

        David McNeil     (44) 17:42

        Tim Carter       (42) 30:10

        A Tsolakis       (42) 18:15

        Edward Banks     (36) 28:50

        Matthew Bayliss  (40) 16:34

        Richard White    (40) 29:48

        Robert Shipp     (47) 18:36

        Robin Biles      (45) 29:41

        Steve Titmarsh   (47) 18:11

        C Ashford        (47) 30:33

        Andy Kenchington (44) 17:12

        Richard Gray     (43) 32:13

        Ben Clarson      (43) 16:54

        Mark Ince        (43) 30:51

        Chris Grimley    (44) 18:33

        Martin Matthews  (38) 28:24

        Anthony Gray     (34) 15:30

        Edward Banks     (44) 31:45

        Chris Horton     (46) 17:23

        Richard Gray     (45) 31:34

        Andy Kenchington (45) 16:47

        Patrick Allaway  (45) 31:57

        Matthew Bayliss  (43) 16:09

        Guy Evans        (43) 31:35

        Mark Hirsch      (42) 17:11

        Mark Ince        (42) 31:35

        C Lindesay       (40) 17:35

On 13 April 2013 In Running News

Eloise Lee, Andy Lambert, Rob (FCR) Shipp and Stu Grainger attended the official press launch of the 2013 Great Birmingham Run on 26th March. Six times Paralympic champion and six times winner of the London Marathon wheelchair race, David Weir, launched the event as this year he will be racing in the Great Birmingham Run for the first time. He was joined by representatives from organisers Nova International and Birmingham City Council. It was great to hear about their ambitious plans for the future of the Great Birmingham Run and how the route will be changing slightly this year (not such a big hill at 10 miles!).  The BRATs had their photo taken with David Weir and received a signed number from David for the club.  The 2013 Great Birmingham Run will take place on 20th October 2013.

On 31 March 2013 In Running News

Many congratulations to Cass Chisholm, who completed back to back marathons on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March 2013.  She was fastest woman in both races in Northampton, which is probably a first for the BRAT Club.  Her time on Saturday was 3 hr 52.02 min, but unfortunately her time on Sunday was 3 seconds slower, due to stopping for an extra custard creme at the last aid station.  Here she is a few hours after the 2nd marathon, fortunately without the lycra.  The following weekend she did another marathon and ran 3.38...

On 23 February 2013 In Running News

A few hardy BRATs saw the cross country season through to the very end at the English National XC Championships over the bleak, snowswept hillsides of Herrington Park, Sunderland. Here they took on the best cross country runners in the country and recorded some very creditable results over a course consisting of mud, mud and more (deeper) mud.

Highlight of the day must be Jack Gray’s gutsy run to take 5th place out of 142 finishers in the 10k Junior men’s race. In 30+ years this is the best ever finish by a club member in the National.

On 26 January 2013 In Running News

As an alternative to League action, some hardy BRATs entered the Midland XC Championship at Stafford and achieved very encouraging results. These championships are open to all the clubs in our local leagues as well as other clubs from the South, East and North Midlands, so competition is tough. The races were run through an evil mixture of slush and liquid mud as the recent snow started to thaw, so getting much grip was nigh on impossible.

On 09 February 2013 In Running News

The men’s XC team finished the season strongly in the final fixture at Birchfield as Jack Gray won the race with a truly impressive run to follow up his 5th place at the BUCS Championships last week. Ed Banks 31, Chris Ashford 51, Tim Carter 66, Mark Ince 81, and Mark Lawlor 108 all had good runs and were the other five counters in the A team, scoring 338 points for 9th place on the day and securing 6th place overall for the season, a brilliant result bearing in mind the Clubs we are competing against.