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Off to a flying start

Life in the top flight of Midlands Athletics began on Sunday at the Alexander Stadium, Birmingham.

It has been a good many years since the BRAT team had been in division one so it would have been understandable if nerves had got in the way. As it happened everyone rose to the occasion with a magnificent team performance backed up with some stand out individual displays; most notably victories for David and Giziel Lima in the men's 100m A and B races. David again taking victory in the A 200m race. Ed Banks (pictured) and Richard Carney doing the double in the men's steeplechase (not a race for the faint-hearted). Marlon Lewis jumping a whopping 7.09m in the men's long jump and Jenny Scott claiming first place in a hard fought women's discus competition.

The day also saw the first appearances in the senior team of under 17s Jonny Briggs (men's discus) and Alisha Stroud (women's 100/200m) plus debuts for Danni Bogue in the 800 and 3000m and Chris Davy in the shot and the hammer - Chris's performances where even more amazing considering that he had never even held a hammer until five minutes before the competition began! As per usual all the BRATs were cheered on by on by their team mates and the fantastic team spirit of last year was once again in evidence. We are by far the most vocal of all the teams. All of our efforts paid off as we finished a very creditable third place on the day (out of six teams), missing out on second place by just five points. Birchfield and Notts took the top two spots but when you consider that these guys are national league teams it just goes to show how well the BRATs performed. The second meeting is in June at Wolverhampton - if you would like to know how the throw the hammer and join us on the day, simply email Chris Davy!

Nigel Clegg Track & Field team manager

Individual results can be found here and Eloise's photos can be found here.

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Thursday, 20 March 2014 10:09

Midlands Men's 12 Stage Road Relays

Hello BRAT mates,

Full results at www.race-results.co.uk  Check the team below when visiting the site.

What a lovely day for a stroll round Sutton Park, but that ridiculous idea was soon put to bed. Although we were down on strength we had a decent team that was a very safe qualifier, so let’s enjoy the day and see who we could beat.

Presentation was mixed and relaxed: Ed sporting a very smart haircut and new red sweatband (ex Olivia Newton John purchased on ebay for the older readers); Dan with a choice of new shoes (making sure he was up to date with the Spring colours; Tom warming up with a spare pair of different tread pattern shoes in hand. (Now that is preparation, ready for an F1 pit stop half way round with wet weather shoes should conditions worsen);  Robin & Family debating whether he runs with the ultimate fashion accessory + buggy; Jort with a three generation picnic going on under their own tree; and then disaster struck: Adam had forgotten his sunglasses ! 

A meeting was called. Should he risk running, should we change the legs to allow the sun’s trajectory to move 5 degrees 10 minutes, should he run always facing east ?

Then in the nick of time rescue appeared on the horizon as replacement shades were generously donated (wishing to remain anonymous).  Tension grew as Adam cautiously…nervously…. (in slow motion)….lifted them to his face, and well, wow !......All was well, the iron man looked like an Iron Man (I think that’s what he told me)

Moving on and off we go.  The course was changed and the course shortened. Don’t know why, we have coped for 30+ years. All legs were reduced by 0.3miles.

Long = 5.1m and short 2.7m in order LSLSLSLSSSS

Ed saw us off in an excellent 14th, and Mark in a choice but always pressured quality second leg maintained our position with a good time. Tom with massive plastered up blister chose slicks, but ended up with an obvious limp with said blister and we dropped to 17th. Another good short from Kevin only 8 seconds behind Mark maintained our position, handing onto the Dan on form who flew and took us back into 14th. That was our number and nobody else was having it !  David, on his way back to fitness, ran a decent time, whatever he says, handing onto Chris. Now Chris cannot sprint, but he might say: It doesn’t really matter, I will have already beaten you”; and yes a very good time only 2s behind Dan and 20s behind Ed gaining one place. Then it was my turn, expecting a full squad turnout for my send off, but they were all scoffing Eloise’s cakes. Despite subsequent send-off deflation and heavy legs from Saturday’s exploits, I was rather pleased, except I lost one place to some Stoke youngster who should show more respect. Man on fire Martin Ludford made his A team debut (please correct me if I am wrong), and was solid keeping our 14th place. Robin, obviously still on a Family high, set about his task and delivered (unfortunate choice of words) the second fastest short leg of the day. Adam “Iron Man” looking cool, despite his longer distance ambitions delivered(not again) a quick 2.7m.  Guess what, yes we were still in 14th.  Glory or bust was handed to Mark, who said he wouldn’t, but did, flew round in easily the quickest short leg . Finishing position, yes you’ve guessed it, 14th.   Well done team mates. 

Now the B team was severely depleted to the grand total of three……NOT OUR PROUDEST MOMENT BRATS.

Martin Cleaver led off, standing in even more last minute than Martin Ludford and recovering from a particularly nasty lurgi, and to be honest a good time. Pete followed on, overtaking two with a time well above his prediction (Aim higher Pete, because you can). 3rd and final leg was in the hands of excitable Jort, holding back on the three generation picnic, who gained another three places. Well done team mates.

So well done and thank you everyone.  LOOK OUT FOR NATIONAL MAIL, followed by NATIONAL MASTERS MAIL.

Richard Gray

14  Birmingham Running Athletics & 'A'  3:56:16

        Edward Banks     (14) 26:55
        Mark Lawlor      (14) 15:09
        Tom Anderton     (17) 29:58
        Kevin McMillan   (17) 15:17
        Daniel Robinson  (14) 27:13
        David McNeil     (15) 16:10
        C Ashford        (13) 27:15
        Richard Gray     (14) 15:51
        Martin Ludford   (14) 17:06
        Robin Biles      (14) 15:03
        Adam B Higgins   (14) 16:00
        Mark Ince        (14) 14:19

Birmingham Running Athletics & 'B'

        Martin Cleaver   (52) 34:43
        Peter Brown      (50) 19:00
        Jort van Mourik  (47) 31:38 
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Tuesday, 18 March 2014 23:56

Midlands Women's 6-Stage Road Relays

The BRAT ladies had an excellent day at the Midland 6-Stage Road Relays in a lovely sunny Sutton Park on Sunday.

After a few last-minute drop-outs we had to re-jig the teams, but managed to get two teams together.

The 'A' Team were 7th in 1:44:40 and the 'B' Team were 23rd in 2:02:02, out of 35 complete teams from allover the Midlands. A great result!

The 'A' Team were lead off by Mel James (16:10) who ran the fastest leg by a BRAT lady on the day and gave the team a very strong start. Mel was followed by Eloise Lee (17:31), Jenny Coxon (17:07), Danni Bogue (17:31), Nat Pullen (18:52) and Helena Eastham (17:29). Jenny ran the second fastest leg of the day and Eloise, Danni and Helena all ran very consistently finishing the 2.7 mile course within 2 seconds of each other.

The 'B' Team were lead off by Bethan Morgan (19:19), followed by a strong leg from Gill Brook (18:41), then Devkee Trivedi (21:07), Lizi Snushall (22:53), Sarah Hadfield (20:41) and Rachel Brown (19:21), beating several club's 'A' teams.

Well done to everyone who competed! Don't forget the National Road Relays are on the 5th April, if you want to run please let Tona Walder know.
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