On 25 June 2013 In Running News

Dynamic Duo Do the Double!

What's better than running one marathon at the weekend? Running two! At least, that's what Cass and Rhys say. The first event on Saturday was the Malvern Midsummer Marathon which was as hilly as it sounds with over 4000 feet of ascent, and rumoured to be over 4000 different kind of sweet and savoury snacks to try en route. In their second outing on Sunday the crazy pair of trainer clad adventurers were treated to 4 laps through the streets of Shrewsbury town centre, which it turns out isn't flat.

First time double marathoner Rhys says 'If running two marathons is one weekend is wrong, then I don't want to be right!'. (Cass thinks, 'It can't be wrong, because I am always right'. ~ Ed) 

Pictured: 7 Birmingham marathon legends with over 600 marathons between them.

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