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Midlands XC Relays Report

Saturday 21 October marked the beginning of the 2017-18 cross country season. In a slightly damp field in Wolverhampton the BRAT team set up camp for the Midlands XC Relay Championships. It was probably the largest team the club has taken to the event and the team spirit was running high. With several members making a debut in cross country running, there was an air of apprehension and nervous excitement in the BRAT tent. 
With 3 men’s teams and 4 women’s teams there was plenty of BRAT support around the compact course, and when the going got tough there was no opportunity to slow down as just around the next corner another BRAT would pop out and give you a cheer. With Storm Brian in full flow, the weather was true to cross country form – wet and wild. As 2pm approached 7 A leg runners stood anxiously on the start line and the gun sounded. 
Chris flew home in 2nd place for the A team, with Ben fresh from his Birmingham marathon (B Team) and Andy (C Team) hot on his heels. Ashley, Toby and Damian were off next working their way around the windy course to pass to Simon, Huw and Kevin. Brilliant runs were had by all and in no time the anchor legs were off. Richard brought the A team home in 13th, Rob in 25th and Paul in 34th; with 59 senior men’s teams competing, all three BRAT teams did extremely well! Top team managing and supporting from Martin Ludford as always! 
The women’s race was going on at the same time as the men so there was definitely some inter-club rivalry! On leg one Sheridan, Ellen, Sophie and Helen had fantastic runs – Sheridan smiled the entire way around, Sophie and Ellen looked like naturals on their first XC race and Helen proved she’s got some speed in those endurance legs! On leg two we had Eloise, Megan, Katie and Margaret who all ran extremely well. Eloise following her trend of obliterating last year’s times in recent races came charging home with the team now in the bronze medal place. Megan had a great run gaining places and looking very good in the process, Katie bounced back from her half last weekend having a great run and Margaret put the Masters team in top 10 contention with a fine middle leg! The master’s team were brought home by new member Liz who had a fantastic run to end the team in 8th place out of 26 which is just brilliant. Hannah showed she is made of tough stuff and was more than a match for cross country, having ran a great race she brought her team home in 18th place. Danni again, had a fantastic start to her cross country season bagging the team a 10th place finish. Set up perfectly by Sheridan and Eloise, Molly was able to chase down the leading women (and Huw) and bring Team Turquoise (coincidental matching coats) home to claim the silver medal. Despite a time-trial style last leg, Molly ran the fastest female leg of the day. 
All in all the start of cross country could not have been better. To come away with a silver medal was incredible, but what was the icing on the cake was the enjoyment had by everyone and those new members trying XC for the first time vowing to sign up to more, and even saying they couldn’t wait. It was one heck of a great afternoon to be a BRAT. 
If you are interested in running in one of the upcoming XC races then just contact: 
Martin (Men’s Captain) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Eloise and Molly (Women’s Captains) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Full results can be found here: http://www.midlandathletics.org.uk/xcrelays.html
13 B.R.A.T. [A] 1:31:49
Chris Silver (2) 20:56
Ashley Fawke (9) 23:39
Simon Lanckham (8) 22:08
Richard Gray (13) 25:06
25 B.R.A.T. [B] 1:39:58
Ben Beaumont (24) 24:08
Toby Close (23) 25:06
Huw Jones (24) 25:12
Robert Dowse (25) 25:32
34 B.R.A.T. [C] 1:45:00
Andy Kenchington (27) 24:50
Damian Cartland (31) 26:20
Kevin Oakes (34) 26:56
Paul Cannon (34) 26:54
2 B.R.A.T. [A] 1:15:16
Sheridan McWilliams (7) 25:20
Eloise Lee (3) 26:24
Molly Browne (2) 23:32
10 B.R.A.T. [B] 1:24:49
Ellen Waterman (15) 28:32
Megan Artemova-Thomas (9) 27:40
Danielle Bogue (10) 28:37
18 B.R.A.T. [C] 1:44:05
Sophie Dalley (28) 34:29
Katie Bowyer (19) 34:37
Hannah Ludford (18) 34:59
Women Masters
8 B.R.A.T. 1:33:02
Helen Pike (5) 27:23
Margaret Kenchington (7) 28:53
Liz Painter (8) 36:46
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