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National Masters Road Relays

5th, 9th, 24th A team places; two overall 7th fastest individuals, top Midland team, but sadly no medal.

Well done all and thanks to our supporters.


Lovely weather at Sutton Park was a welcome start to a long day, as M55 teams raced at 12.15 and young boys at 2.00.  We raced two M35 teams, one M45 and two M55.  I arrived early fully stocked with my Werther’s Originals, and our luck was in: the Nike mobile shoe store had been ousted from its spot by Pirelli comfy slippers stand. The M55 team mistakenly thought that we were being issued with timing chips, but they were in fact Care-line emergency help buttons. Reassuring I thought.


M35 Report

We set out with medal ambitions for our M35 team, but I knew this would be tough, and despite a great start and consistency throughout being our strength, we once again finished 5th in the country for our second time in a row. The top three were very strong, the best for some time and some way ahead with several sub 15 legs. We did finish top Midland team, finishing one place ahead of Tipton.

Dan Robinson was first man, burdened/inspired with the quickest target time from me, and rounding the finishing straight bend in 3rd place, finished in 7th fastest of all legs in 15.20, setting a new M35 BRAT record. Jon Jenkins always delivers and promptly did so, handing onto Robin Biles who cruelly blamed Robin Jnr for a series of ailments and his current sniff, but he held onto 6th place. Chris Ashford was our middle race strong leg, hopefully moving us up the order. He overtook Birchfield into 5th and was the second to beat my target time, but the clubs around us did not falter with hardly a leg over 16min, and several sub-15. Nick Lewis was suffering a bit from after-marathon, but de did not drop any places and in fact opened the gap on chasing Tipton. Martin Matthews still getting back to fitness saw off Tipton for good, but Belgrave were long gone, and so 5th it was to be.

Well done team, commitment and determination was evident in abundance, and particular congratulations to Dan.


Our B team finished in 34th place and 3rd B team, once again beating Tipton B.

Mark Lawlor ran a cracking leg, well up there in 20th amongst the better A teams, and showing up the manager's selection. Mark Liptrot decided this was a good idea, having a great run and into 19th, but I saved my reputation (if I have one) by 1 one whole second. Stuart Male is always consistent and he ran quicker than I expected and we held 21st.  Rob Ryan ran well, and although a different course improved on his Midland performance. Richard Carney likewise saw an improvement, handing onto a bit of a lonely leg for David Sansom, who having an ageist moment had decided he preferred the M35 B option to M55 B earlier in the day, and was very pleased with his time.

Well done team.

1  Morpeth Harriers & AC M35      'A'  1:31:55

        Chris Smith      (1) 15:05

        Michael Morris   (2) 16:06

        Peter Newton     (1) 14:31

        John Butters     (1) 16:06

        Ian Hudspith     (1) 14:40

        Adrian Whitwam   (1) 15:27

3  Thames Hare & Hounds M35            1:34:30

4  Belgrave Harriers M35               1:36:35

        Daniel Robinson  (5) 15:20

        Jonathan Jennings(6) 16:25

        Robin Biles      (6) 17:03

        C Ashford        (5) 15:51

        Nick Lewis       (5) 17:01

        Martin Matthews  (5) 16:47


Fastest legs

        1  Peter Newton       Morpeth35  A   14:31   

        2  Ian Hudspith       Morpeth35  A   14:40    

        3  Chris Smith        Morpeth35  A   15:05       

        4  Andrew Peat        Birchf'35  A   15:06   

        5  Phillip Tedd       ThamesHH35     15:13    

        6  Martin Williams    Wolve&B 35     15:17   

        7  Mark Powell        LeicsC 35      15:18     

        8  Daniel Robinson    BRAT 35    A   15:20 


        Mark Lawlor      (20) 16:36

        Mark Liptrot     (19) 17:04

        Stuart Male      (21) 18:15

        Rob Ryan         (28) 20:22

        Richard Carney   (32) 22:39

        David Sansom     (34) 23:07



M45 Report

This remains a very competitive age group, and this year was easily the strongest since the four leg format of three years. Although BRAT finished 24th, it was our best finish in this period, and in 2014 and 2015 our time would have seen us finish 15 & 16th. The manager has to take blame for depriving them of Jon Jennings who had been seconded to the medal bid of M35, as I was repeatedly reminded by Jort, which would have elevated the team to 18th place. Competitive spirit to the end.

Huw Jones was first leg man, delivering a great time and handing onto Andy Kenchington, who showed this was a consistent team without any weak legs.

Jort van Mourik kept up the pressure and ducked under Andy’s time by 2 seconds, and new boy to relays Adam Western brought them home in 24th.

1  Thames Hare & Hounds M45            1:05:14

       Ben Reynolds     (2) 15:28

        Matthew Lynas    (4) 16:58

        David Symons     (3) 16:47

        Andy Weir        (1) 16:01

       Huw Jones        (23) 17:19

        Andy Kenchington  (23) 18:01

        Jort van Mourik   (21) 17:59

        Adam Western      (24) 18:36


Fastest leg  1  Mark Johnson       Mansfld45  A   15:20


M55 report

The senior team had an early 12.15 start and we noted multi-world champ Martin Rees had decided to turn up. Mark Burnhope returning to fitness is getting quicker each week, but despite running a great time, he overcooked the start and was caught near the end, finishing the first leg in 3rd and 7th o/a fastest of all legs.  Martin Ludford took over and after running well we were in 7th.  I finished off aiming for top 10 and was promptly overtaken by the said Mr Rees, but indeed we finished in 9th place. Well done team. Next year has potential, as a fully fit team should see us medal, but I have said that a few times before!


M55 B

This was a solo effort by John Llewellyn who had dropped an age group to complete a B team, but unfortunately ended up by himself. Nevertheless super vet John ran a great time.  

       David Ogden      (2) 17:27

        Chris Phelan     (1) 17:39

        John Foss        (1) 17:46

        Mark Burnhope    (3) 17:30

        Martin Ludford   (7) 19:29

        Richard Gray     (9) 18:49


Fastest legs

        1  Martin Rees        Croup  55  A   16:28      

        2  James Mcmahon      Bedford55  A   16:53     

        3  Simon Calrow       Wolves 55  A   17:22      

        =  Michael Boyle      HerneHil55     17:22      

        5  David Ogden        SLondon55  A   17:27     

        =  Chris Ireland      Sheff'ld55     17:27     

        7  Mark Burnhope      BRAT 55    A   17:30     


Birmingham Running A&t  M55    'B'

   John Llewellyn   (38) 22:13

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