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Midland 12 Stage Road Relays

This was a great race at the sharp end, where during leg 11, the top three were all within 15 seconds of each other after nearly 4 hours racing! Bristol ended up with the fire power on the last leg, overhauling Cheltenham who just held off Notts.


Ed was first off the line for B.R.A.T., looking lean and confident, and although this is a new course, I reckon Ed ran a sort of pb with a brilliant 28.11, in 8th  place, achieving 21st quickest long leg overall. Brilliant. Dan “I’ve fallen out with Adidas” Robinson took on the baton delivering another great time, adding he would run even quicker at The National (Don’t disappoint Dan!)


Kevin McMillan stepped at late notice into a long, possibly his first long, and although dropping to 10th; he should be very pleased with that run. Chris Ashford is obviously fond of the number 8, and promptly re-established B.R.A.T. back to our last year’s finishing position. That was the long legs over, now over to new boy Iain Squires to set a short leg benchmark, although he may have been confused having over the week moved between the A and B teams and at least a couple of legs in each!


No problem, 8th we remained. Young Tom Powell (well young relative to me) upped the pace but had no one close enough to chase, handing onto another 12 stage new boy Mark Liptrot who ran well, but we dropped to 10th. Rene Vergo as consistent as ever, gained ground on the team ahead, handing onto new B.R.A.T. boy old boy (there is a logic in there) Mark Burnhope who snatched 9th. Could we reclaim our rightful 8th place I hear you cry, well, no we couldn’t!


Nathan Warren ran a quick time but as is the luck of relays, we dropped back to 10th.  Ben Beaumont, who had also been pulled between both teams and several legs, ran his very best as can always be relied on, and guess what, yes we were still 10th.  Finally Mr Consistent, Huw Jones brought us home, yes you don’t need me to tell you in what position.


Unfortunately we could not complete a B team, always a real shame. Toby Close led off and ran a great first leg. Martin Cleaver literally had a long leg dumped on him around 10.00 Friday night, and although being far from perfect 1500m training, should really be pleased with his performance. Andrew Robbins snatched a place securing 45th overall, handing onto Adam B-Higgins who ran the fastest B long, enjoying overtaking five and moving up to 40th. From now on it was the vintage parade in various forms of health and fitness. First it was me (middle statesman), in my first tentative steps since last May, and pleased I was. Andy Kenchington (youngest statesman) continued The Rowheath Old School with a very good time. Next kit man “H” Harry Fowler (elder statesman and does he look it !) decked out in as many promotional examples of BRAT technical garb’ he could get on, continued his impressive come back (I beat him). Richard Carney (younger statesman) pulled us up a place as we broke into the top 40. Following on was XC Manager Martin Ludford, very closely following H (In age), who ran well and was pleased on another comeback, gaining one place into 39th (I beat him as well). Alas 10th leg was to be our last, which Rob Ryan delivered with a time he should be pleased with, and 40th was where we bowed out.


Thank you to every athlete and the few supporters who made it to give us a shout. Remember, The National on the 16th. If you are not competing, come and watch the best athletes in the country.

Richard Gray

A team       10th    4.26.28

28.11   8   Long   Ed Banks   (21st fastest long leg)

29.28   8   Long   Dan Robinson

31.38  12  Long   Kevin McMillan

29.22   8   Long   Chris Ashford

19.12   8   Short   Iain Squires  

17.31   8   Short   Tom Powell

18.28  10  Short   Mark Liptrot  

18.03  10  Short   Rene Vergo

18.49   9   Short   Mark Burnhope                                                                                                                                              

17.43  10  Short   Nathan Warren

19.27  10  Short   Ben Beaumont

18.36  10  Short   Huw Jones             


B Team       

33.24   45  Long    Toby Close

35.10   46  Long    Martin Cleaver

34.09   45  Long    Andrew Robbins

33.37   40  Long    Adam Balderson Higgins

20.39   41  Short    Richard Gray

19.09   41  Short    Andy Kenchington

21.28   41  Short    Harry Fowler

23.34   40  Short    Richard Carney

20.48   39  Short    Martin Ludford

21.40   40  Short    Rob Ryan       


Fastest short  Douglas Musson, Notts,  15.15

Fastest long  Graham Rush, Cheltenham, 26.32

Results at www.race-results.co.uk

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