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Hello BRAT mates,



Yes the nights are brighter and the daffodils flourishing. Get the sun cream and racing flats out, and shout: “No more 10K pace in the mud, I want to run much faster and ignore my heart monitor.”  Well I can help, it’s Road Relay 3 mile time, so get speedy, feel the BRAT team spirit and contact me.


Midland 12 Stage Road Relays,  Sat 2 April, 12.00, Sutton Park.  8x3m & 4x5.4m legs.

I have to enter teams and need to know definites, probables and possibles by 10 March. I can enter a much larger squad of names places, so you are not committed yet. I need to have a good idea of how many teams to enter. Everyone can enter regardless of speed or age!

To save me looking up detail for those not on the system, please confirm your DOB, UKA competition number, check that you are a paid up BRAT member, and let me know an estimated time for either 5K, 10K, or this race stage time.



For your diary:


National 12 Stage Road Relays is on Sat 16 April pm, Sutton Park. Qualification is for the top 25 teams from The Midland Relays above. Team members are by selection. Normally we only qualify one team, but who knows, if we have a good response we could qualify two, so possibly 24 places to be had. Mail to follow.

Masters (35 to very very old): BMAF National Road Relays, Sat 14 May, pm, Sutton Park.  Everyone from 35 wanted, slow or fast. Mail to follow.

Any question always welcome.


Richard Gray.  07973 502531

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