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BRATs on The Pace

In addition to the cast of thousands that would rival Ben Hur or Cleopatra who are already taking part as athletes, water station helpers or other helpers, BRAT wil be supplying all but one of the Pace Making Team at the Morrisons Great Birmingham Run on Sunday.

Although they will not be in BRAT kit (wearing sponsors kit no less) please remember to give them a shout. They will be pretty obvious because they will have a flag sticking up above their heads !! The team will be pacing at various times from 1:35 through to 2:30.


The team is:

Chris Ashford, Vicky Smith, Tom Anderton, Toby Close, Ben Beaumont, Chris Woods, Yaz Chaudhri, Helena Eastham,

Richard Carney, Simon White, Stuart Lawrence, Sarah Wallis, Graham Anderton and Catherine McNicholl

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