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Midland and National 6 Stage - Response Required!

Hello B.R.A.T. mates, long time no see.

Yep, the Summer is still here, so you have more time to work on the speed I am confident you have acquired through the Summer. Five weeks to stop plodding at the same 10K pace and get more speed work in.

Saturday 19 September, 1.40pm, Sutton Park as usual.

6 legs x 5.85K. We can enter as many teams as we like.

Qualification to The National is on Sat 3 October for the top 25 teams including B teams, so it is a selection race for the fastest qualifiers. Potentially we could be qualify two teams if we have a good entry. Put the date in your diary.

I have to enter the number of teams before the 6th September, but you only need to let me know if you are a definite, probable or possible as I can enter one squad with more names than places.

Please include a recent time or estimation for a distance between 5K -10K, or indeed what you think you would do on this course 5.85K (longer than 12 stage)


Richard Gray   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  07973 502531

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