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Masters Road Relay Champs: RECRUITING

For grown-ups only.

Not to be read if born after 16 May 1980. Contains ageist remarks. Radio 2 listeners will be banished to their own sound proofed gazebo.

BMAF National Road Relay Champs, Sat 16 May, start 12.15 or 2.00pm depending on team age category. The early start is for M55+ so we have time for toilet stops and to get our Trikes a & Zimmers round the course.

I decide which age categories we enter based on the response (the power of control). It is likely we will enter two teams for M35-45 (6 legsx3m); one or two for M45-55 (4 legs x3m); one team for M55-65 (3 legsx3m); M65 (3 legsx3m) possible but unlikely. You can run for a younger team, and I often use this to enter a strong team for any category that has a chance of a good result, unless you insist on running your age category for an individual result which is fine.

I will let you know what chances of a good placing we have when I have seen the response. I do have a list of those already confirmed as unavailable, but please reply again if you are available.

Therefore you can respond definite, probable, possible for me to decide on the number of teams. You would not have to commit until nearer the event.

Richard Gray.   07973 502531

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