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Best Ever Result at the National 12 Stage!

What a result !

National 12 Stage Road Relay Championship

23rd overall in the country, equalling our best previous position last year;  1st Birmingham club; 2nd West Midland; 6th in Midlands (counting Bristol and Bedford).

On a bright sunny and breezy day, on Saturday we once again made our mark on The National Road Relay Champs in Sutton Park. First good news was the official course distance was announced as +0.19 miles longer than the usual. We had settled on +0.16 after The Midland, so our pace just increased. Long 5.57m, short 3.10m.

After a hectic 72 hours of 5 team changes, with excuses ranging from a cut little finger, to a leg actually dropping off (lame excuse), we presented ourselves on the start line. Study weary but obviously not leg weary, Jack Gray led off and stormed round in the always dauntingly fast National 1st leg leading pack into a brilliant 7th place. On form Jon Jennings, probably uttered words describing his pure joy at such a challenge posed by very quick 20 something year olds, as he ran our fastest short leg 15sec quicker than his Midland time, but still losing 11 places! (Medal for bravery against odds).

Ed Banks our quickest leg at The Midland was under further attack, and despite taking 10 sec off his Midland time dropped another 5 places. I knew what I was in for, and although happy with the run was ambushed by one either side off the line followed by a further four, although I did win my sprint against a young whippersnapper.

Mark Ince had a stormer beating his Midland by 21 seconds, slowing our seemingly free-fall experience to one place in 30th.

This is where our strength in depth turned the tide. Young Ben Hall after The Midland now knew what to expect, racing 20 sec quicker and clawing a much needed place. Why change a trend, so Dan Robinson although disappointed with being 32 sec quicker, gained another place!

Welcome to new boy Stuart Male who delivered a good solid run only slipping one place. Nathan Warren stepping into a long leg ran brilliantly, retaliating in style overtaking Birchfield and putting BRAT into 25th. Tom Walsh although losing a couple of places, again showed a second time round produces results in a brilliant 30 sec quicker. Martin demonstrated our strength on the last long leg banishing Coventry and two others, opening up a big comfort gap for last leg. Kevin MacMillan stepping into the breach at the very last minute driving up from the Malvern only had the clock and lapped teams to beat, and indeed did just that with a solid last leg.

Thanks to all the team, reserves, supporters and Midland team resulting in an exciting and successful day.

Richard Gray

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