On 11 December 2013 In Junior News

The BRAT Juniors travelled to Halesowen on Sunday (December 8) to compete in the 3rd meeting of the season. Thirteen athletes completed the very muddy and hilly course (warning for anyone running in the Warwickshire Championships). Daisy-Mai Clements had a superb performance finishing 5th out of 136 participants in the U11 Girls Race! Anne Kenchington (U17), Joseph Thompson (U11), and Nicholas Papioannou had excellent races finishing in the top 20 of their respective races. Jamie Wright (U11) had a great day and improved his finishing position from the first race of the season by 40 places and finished in the top 50% of his race.

Results of all BRAT finishers below:

U11 Girls (136 participants)

Daisy-Mai Clements - 5th

U11 Boys (98 participants)

Joseph Thompson - 17th

Jamie Wright - 45th

Jamie Devine - 90th

Benji Godsal - 91st

U13 Girls (120 participants)

Kimberlyn Apuusi-Adade - 73rd

Grace Harris - 82nd

U13 Boys (96 participants)

Alexander Hickl - 50th

Jackson Clements - 58th

Daniel Rose - 65th

U15 Boys (79 participants)

Nicholas Papaioannou - 19th

Jacob Gollings - 67th

U17 Girls (35 participants)

Anne Kenchington - 6th

Complete results: http://www.wmyaccl.com/documents/WMYACCL%20Races.pdf

The BRAT Juniors will be back in action on 4 January at the Warwickshire Championships in Halesowen and 19 January at the 4th league meeting of the season in Nuneaton!

On 18 November 2013 In Junior News

Annie Ginty, Junior Coach

On Sunday (November 18) the BRAT Juniors travelled to Aldersley Stadium (Wolverhampton) to compete in the second West Midlands Young Athletes Cross Country League meeting of the season. 

U11  -- Benji Godsal had an impressive performance in his second career cross country race -- he finished the 1600m race over 2 minutes faster than he did in the first league fixture. He also improved his finishing position by 21 places!  Joseph Thompson finished 20th and improved 22 seconds from his time at Wolverhampton last year.  Jack Powell improved his finishing position by 5 places and placed in the top 50% of the race.  Troy Walker rounded out the U11 boys finishing in 107th place. Daisy-Mai Clements finished 16th out of 144 runners in a very competitive U11 girls race. 

U13 -- Grace Harris placed 70th out of 140 runners in her first ever cross country race and Kimberlyn Apuusi-Adade finished in 111th.  The U13 boys were again led by Alexander Hickl who finished in 55th, improving his finishing position by 5 places, and Daniel Rose who finished in 73rd.

U15 -- Nicholas Papaioannou had another outstanding performance improving his time from the first meeting by 30 seconds and finishing 17th out of 73.  Jacob Gollings improved his time from the first meeting by one minute and finished 52nd and Matthew Coulson improved his time by 25 seconds and finished in 55th.

U17 -- Anne Kenchington competed in her first league race of the season and finished 9th out of 43 runners. 

Thank you to all the parents for their support!

The next league race will on 8 December at Halesowen.  All athletes ages 9-17 are welcome to take part.  The Warwickshire County race will take place on 4 January in Halesowen (athletes aged 11-17 can take part in the junior races).  Please contact Annie Ginty or Chris Gollings for additional details. 

On 20 October 2013 In Junior News
Two Junior BRATs took part in the Junior Classic Mud Runner event on Sunday 20th October 2013. Jackson and Daisy-Mai Clements braved the 5km run at Eastnor Castle, Hereford, in particularly muddy conditions due to the recent heavy rain.  The course which is usually used as the Land Rover test track, is billed as extreme cross country, but is wonderful fun. They also got to jump in the "Muddy Tub of Love" at the end of race, which is a giant hot tub especially layed on for the runners.  Daisy raced the course in June, and was delighted to win the trophy for the fastest U11 girl. Jackson and Daisy have been attending the cross country training on a Monday evening which has vastly improved their stamina.  They ran in a fab time of around 23 mins, coming over the finish line together. 
On 15 October 2013 In Junior News

On Sunday three BRAT junior boys – Matthew, Daniel and Tom braved atrocious weather conditions as they raced around a soggy Sutton Park in the E.R.R.A. National Young Athletes Road Relays. Following a similar format to the senior races, they raced the familiar course up the hill, around the stone and back down past Keepers Pool with the uphill drag to the finish. They all performed in true gritty BRAT style and finished in 42nd position which was a great achievement with them having another year to go in the U13 age group. Fantastic event, shame about the weather, but watching the start it seemed faster than the senior men as they charged down from the start.
It would be good to get more teams out for this national race held so locally.

Under 13 Boys  -- Team Results -- Final
42nd Position:  Birmingham Running A&T  Total time = 51:46

Tom Kenchington  (42) =     16:01mins
Daniel Rose      (41) =     17:14mins
Matthew Ritson  (42) =     18:31mins

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