Thursday, 08 August 2013 09:04

What the LEL?

Once every 4 years, several hundred cyclists gather in front of Buckingham Palace at 6am and set off on the adventure of a lifetime.  In just 5 days, they cover over 1,400 kms (900 miles) of glorious British countryside, from the fens of Cambridgeshire, the Yorkshire moors, over the Pennines, the desolate borderlands, to Edinburgh and back, through the wind, rain and night, supported by many willing volunteers.  Debbie and I did it this year over 4 1/2 days, ably supported by Hannah, along with 1,000 other cyclists from 33 different countries.  It was an amazing adventure, with weather and terrain conditions ranging from sunny, flat and following winds, to freezing cold mountains in thundering downpours, to exhaustingly hot (38 degrees C) with debilitating headwinds.  The roads were generally quiet, country lanes and the scenery was incredible, indescribable, incomparable and quintessentially British!  There was an endless supply of food and volunteer support at each of the 13 control checkpoints, and a not quite endless supply of toilets, showers and blow up mattresses - although sleep wasn't easy among several hundred other snoring people...

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