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We're Safe!


You'll be pleased to hear that the BRAT Athletics team managed to pull itself together on Sunday 9th August and see off the threat of relegation by finishing ahead of Gloucester on the day.

Overall we finished in second place, some 40 odd Points ahead of Gloucester in third. It is therefore Gloucester and Worcester who go down to division three whilst the BRAT team remain in the second division for 2016.

Given the number of injuries we've currently got (picked up a few more on the day too) and the fact that we still haven't got a home track (or any sight of a new one) this was a fantastic performance from everyone involved. Gloucester threw everything they had at us but bit by bit, event after event, our athletes managed to outperform theirs as well as the others from Bristol, Notts, Cannock and Worcester.

Highlights of the day were a sprint double for David Lima (100/200 A races). Other winners were Tamara Miller winning the women's 100 A race. Prince Ayeh (400 hurdles B), Ben Hall (1500m B), Alex Clegg (Javelin B), Katrina Walker (Pole vault B) and the men's 4 x100 relay team. The men's 4 x 400 team also won but we're controversially disqualified later.

In addition to these guys we had a large number of people finishing second and third in their events which really added to our points tally.

Particular mentions to those who travelled up from London/South East to compete - David Lima, James Griffith and Alessandra Rossi. Also my two joint winners of the 'man of the match' award would have to go to Jenny Coxon and Helena Eastham, both of whom went beyond the call of duty by competing in the 800, 1500, javelin, discus, leg of the 400 relay (Jenny), the 3000m, 400 hurdles and high jump (Helena) - and both doing so whilst carrying injuries!

Thanks to them and thanks to the team and all the coaches and officials for turning this season around - it would have been terrible to have been relegated two years on the trot. We must now look forward to next season and start planning ahead. Therefore, can I put a call out to every BRAT member - if you think you would like to have a go at a particular event or know of someone who might be interested, please contact me on the following number/email address. You never know what hidden talents you may have - take Helena for example; always a distance runner, she not only finished 4th in the 400 hurdles yesterday - her first ever race over hurdles, she also cleared 1.40m in the high jump, having only taken up the event a month ago!

If you feel that you would like to give athletics a go then please contact Nigel Clegg on 07896 358810 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Well done team!

Nigel Clegg, BRAT track & field team manager

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