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Subcommittee Chairs

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New Members Secretary Christine Hirsch
Renewing Members Amy Brightwell
Competition T&F Gordon Ainsley
Competition Triathlon and Multisport a Tona Walder
Competition Triathlon and Multisport b Chris Davy
Press Liaison b Fiona Duffy
Welfare a Rachel Hill
Welfare b Chris Davy
Press Liaison a Jane Tyler
Kit first contact Harry Fowler
Coaching Simon White
BRAT News Editor El Quested
Social subcommittee vice chair Nicola Griffin
Results Richard Thompson
Team Manager (Men's Cross Country) Martin Ludford
Team Manager (Women's Cross Country) Eloise Lee & Molly Browne
Team Manager (Athletics) Nigel Clegg
Triathlon Men's Captain Chris Ashford
Triathlon Women's Captain Daisy Wilson
Road Relays (men) Richard Gray