Wednesday, 23 April 2014 11:41

Accident form 2014

Wednesday, 05 June 2013 10:02

Ann-Marie's Accident at Deva Triathlon

I know that many of you will have heard that Ann-Marie Bathmaker was knocked off her bike during the Deva Triathlon on Saturday.  But don't worry, Ann-Marie wanted you all to know that the bike seems OK - no scratches and no apparent structural damage whatsoever.  Even the brand new tribars seem to have emerged unscathed.  Of course, one can never tell with a carbon frame... Her bike helmet was shattered by the impact, so there will be a new bit of kit there, and the whole bike will probably have to be replaced anyway.  Oh, and I suppose you wanted to know how Ann-Marie herself was doing?  You will be please to hear that she is in good AMB form despite significant injuries which will require some months of rehabilitation.  Fractured bones, extensive road rash (the lycra is not really protective when you hit the road at 20+mph), but nothing that hardened cyclists haven't come to expect, and believe me, AMB is a hardened cyclist, as the driver of the car will find out soon enough.  The errant car driver had no excuses; fine, clear weather, straight open road, warning signs about the race, lone cyclist, and he hit her from behind.  Amazing.  I am sure that there will be updates on the forum.

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