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Midland 6 Stage Road Relays

A lovely sunny and  blustery day at Sutton was rewarded with 8th place for our A team, equalling our best finishing position from 2015 and 2011 (courtesy Gordon “stato” Ainsley).Our time was down a bit on these previous finishes, but it’s a race not time trial, and is all about the position. The wind was definitely a factor, so any PB was excellent. We would have achieved 7th and be in sprinting competition with 6th with better team selection*, but (pleading forgiveness / saving face) some lads were only aware of the event late on, and I have to predict and enter the squad and number of teams way before most have replied!

Dan Robinson had the job of keeping us in the mix on the fast first leg, suitably achieving a PB coming in 10th, handing onto Simon Lanckham who delivered the managers wishes for sub 20min, only dropping one place on what may be the favourite/least favourite leg. Ed Banks, normally the lead man, showed little effect from some time off, overtaking three to 8th.  Jon Jennings, committed as ever, only dropped one place, handing onto Chris Ashford who ran the second PB of the day, and we were back in 8th, and opening up a cushion between us and Cheltenham B, yet still in striking distance of Stoke. Mark Ince, who fortunately for BRAT was not in Berlin as expected, finished only 5 seconds behind his PB, but Stoke just had too much, and 8th it was.

The B team had an outside chance of qualifying for the National Relay Champs, but it would be a big ask, bearing in mind Halesowen A team just made it, with Bournville joining them by the skin of their teeth. New boy Steve Dunsby posted his National A team intention with a great time and inside the top 25 that qualification required.  Rene Vergo was under pressure on the second leg after Steve’s fast time, but despite running well as expected, we dropped to 29th. Huw Jones carried on the fight, but we slipped further back. Regular A team man Martin Matthews coming back from a long injury, boosted out hopes by gaining four places to 29th, but although Toby Close gave his all, we promptly slipped back to 33rd. Last leg fell to Thanos Tsolakis who upped the pace a bit, but the strength in completion left us in 34th, around 2 minutes outside qualification.

Other new boys who posted their intention for higher team selection were Mark Woodus with a great time, and Kelton Aldridge who blasted out a little too fast on first leg for the C team, and probably should have finished a fair bit quicker. Good runs by Abayomi Adedimeji and Ben Beaumont. Also a welcome BRAT relay debut to Paul Shackleton, Mark Connell and Andy Piddington. Sorry that I have not mentioned everyone, but thanks to all.

BRAT women medalled with a bronze, a fantastic achievement. Hope they will be at The National to compete against the best in the country.

Richard Gray

Team Manager

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Monday, 01 August 2016 14:40


Hello BRAT mates. I don’t really want to start talking autumn yet, but I am!

Early call for Midland 6 Stage Road Relays

Sat 24 Sept 1:40, Sutton Park. 6 legs x 5.85k each team.

We can enter as many teams as we want to pay for, and everyone is welcome regardless of standard. Teams are selected in anticipated order of speed, so any new boy concerned about being thrown on A team first leg can relax. The race attracts fast and slow, young and old, too thin and too fat, 800 to marathon runners. Give it a go and I bet you get a good time out of it.

There is also an open age category Masters within the same race, but we make Senior Champs our priority, so only those not selected for the first two teams would be considered for Masters.

First 25 finishing teams qualify for The National Champs on 8 October at the same venue, and our aim will be to qualify two teams. The National is a selection event.

I have to enter number of teams and squad by 4 September, so please let me know well before that. I am going to be away, so if you decide later in the month you will not get a response from me until the start of September.

I will need from everyone: English Athletic completion number (you tick this box at BRAT club renewal), membership must be paid up to date (shows on EA database when I submit entry), and your DOB

Any questions please ask me this week.

Richard Gray

07973 502531; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Monday, 05 October 2015 20:46

National 6 Stage Road Relays

Hello BRAT team and BRAT mates.

A very good team performance with some outstanding individual performances saw BRATS deliver one of our best results at The National Road Relay Championships, the top club road race in the UK.

Finishing 37th A team and 3rd West Midlands team,with a slightly weaker team than at the Midland, saw total overall individual performances quicker by over 50 seconds. Jack Gray finished in a fantastic 11th overall just missing the club record by 1 whole second. Ed Banks also ran a stormer delivering a course PB.

Jack led off in fine form, always in the leading pack which dwindled to a handful as the pressure increased, and finished just behind the lead in 4th and a fantastic 17:29 over 5.85km.  Ed Banks was inevitably under pressure from the top teams second leg fliers, but that is what Ed likes as another PB was delivered keeping us in the top 20. Stuart Male had the cruelest leg given out by the heartless manager, but he finished within 7 seconds of his great Midland time. We had dropped to 40th which is what was expected, however, Martin Matthews never disappoints and another class run within 8 seconds of his Midland time saw 2 places clawed back. Chris Grimley on 5th leg, smashed his Midland time with yet another course PB, handing onto Dan Robinson for the pressured last leg. Dan was disappointed with his time, but I don’t see that. He was only 6 seconds slower than that at The Midlands in what was a relatively lonely leg after he had gained two places and was clearly significantly faster than teams around us.

An exciting race saw Tonbridge just hold off a fast chasing and very strong Derby by 4 just seconds, Tonbridge also finishing a B team in 10th place ! (Must be Kent’s Shepperd Neame ale).

Results at www.race-results.co.uk

Well done and thanks team, and especially Eloise for the fantastic carbo loading cake and photos.

Richard Gray

41  Birmingham Running A&T              1:56:43   37th A team.

        Jack Gray        (4)  17:29
        Edward Banks     (18) 18:31
        Stuart Male      (40) 21:14
        Martin Matthews  (38) 19:08
        Chris Grimley    (44) 21:12
        Daniel Robinson  (42) 19:09


1  Tonbridge AC                   'A'  1:47:24

        Ben Cole         (8) 17:43
        Corey De'Ath     (4) 17:41
        Thomas Cox       (7) 18:11
        Christopher Olle (2) 17:54
        Henry Pearce     (2) 17:47
        Kieran Reilly    (1) 18:08



Fastest of all  legs

        1  Andy Maud          Highgate   17:03      
        2  Jonathan Davies    Reading      17:14     
        3  Thomas Lancashire  Bolton     17:17     
        4  Andrew Butchart    Central      17:19    
        5  Richard Weir       Derby     17:21     
        =  Carl Smith         Leeds City     17:21      
        =  Graham Rush        Cheltenham  17:21   
        8  Daniel Studley     Bristol and West   17:22      
        9  Stephen Mitchell   Bristol and West   17:25    
       10  Alexander Tovey    Windsor     17:27        
       11  Daniel Cliffe      Liverpool   17:29     
        =  Jack Gray          BRAT           17:29
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